Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

Mobile water treatment plant is an equipment, which one can ensure safe and WHO standard  drinking water from any kind of source water in any time, any place. Having a built-in power generation facility enables the system independent in operation. This can be mounted on trailers and skids or transported by pick up, truck, trolley, boat, or helicopter. Having this facility the system can reach the spot and perform the treatment and can save a lot of money that needed for transportation cost of drinking water.

Urgent Supply of Fresh Water in emergency:

The mobile water treatment plant is ready to provide an instant supply of safe drinking water where regular water sources are disrupted by flood, fire, earthquake, cyclone, drought, and population displacement.  Emergency drinking water was provided to international relief organizations in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, after flooding in Bangladesh, and for refugees in Kosovo, Albania, and Sudan by maintaining potable water supply.



Processes in Mobile Treatment Plant

All types of processes are carried out in this modern mobile water treatment plant. Chemical and membrane separation processes are both applied to treat effectively the ground or surface level wastewater. The following methods are carried out in these plants:

✔ Chemical Processes like coagulation and flocculation, precipitation

✔ Reverse Osmosis Membrane base purification technology

✔ Ion exchange

✔ System for decreasing BOD and COD levels of water

✔ System to remove the suspended solids from lake and swimming pool water

✔ Disinfection system for destroying the microorganism

✔ Superior outlook

✔ Easy to handle & install

✔ Easy Maintenance

Manufacturing and delivery

We have an expertise in designing and manufacturing mobile water treatment plant. The plants are designed for fast operation and can be set up quickly and easily by field personnel with minimal technical skills within an hour. These can be delivered within days of order, depending on the amount of units required.