Packaged STP Plant / Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant / Package STP

We are manufacturer and supplier of Packaged STP Plant in Bangladesh.  Package STP is a System where it can install where limitation of space and wide application of Package STP in commercial and residential both sectors. Now a day Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is widely using Building, school, community area, industry and large commercial space. Package STP is also available in semi- automatic and fully- automatic models, Package STP Plant requires less space and civil work for installation and erection. It treats the sewage waste in order to make it safe for disposal in the environment. In the final stage, treated water generated can be used in gardening, flushing and washing.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Typical Process of Packaged STP

The process of Packaged STP is depending of characteristic of sewage however we are describing the typical process of Package STP in follows:

Primary settling:

Sewage initially enters the primary settling tank. The tank incorporates specially designed Tube Settler Media, which reduces the suspended solids by 75% and the BOD by 25%. This zone is maintenance-free as it contains no moving parts.

Aerobic Treatment

The clarified effluent then enters the bio-reactor, which has an attached growth media like SAFF or FAB media and fine bubble diffuser membranes placed at the bottom of the tank. The SAFF / FAB media provides a large surface area for micro-organisms to attach themselves. These micro-organisms feed on the organic matter present in the effluent. The air bubbles help in thorough mixing of the liquid in the tank, besides providing vital oxygen.

Final Settlement

The treated effluent then moves to the secondary settling tank. This tank incorporates specially designed Tube Settler Media for setting finer particles.

Sludge pumps are provided to remove sludge from the settling tanks and transfer it to Sludge Drying beds or a sludge de-watering device like a filter press.

Post Treatment

The optional Tertiary Treatment includes equipment like chlorination for dis-infection and Multigrade Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter for removal of residual suspended solids, traces of organic materials, color and chlorine.

Features of Packaged STP

✔ All-in-one single tank Sewage Treatment Plant

✔ Virtually silent operation and odorless

✔ Compact and simple to operate

✔ High quality treated water

✔ Minimal maintenance

Application of Package STP Plant

✔ Packaged STP can applicable for below areas

✔ Packaged STP for Residential Building

✔ Packaged STP for Commercial Industries

✔ Packaged STP for Hotels and Motel

✔ Packaged STP for Restaurants

✔ Packaged STP for Schools, College and University

✔ Packaged STP for Pubs

✔ Packaged STP Food courts and Beverage Industry

✔ Packaged STP Malls

✔ Packaged STP for all other industries

Operations Principle of Package STP Plant

Solid Separation Zone :

First stage transforms the influent solids to settled solids while allowing scum to float on the surface. It is a primary sedimentation zone in which settled sludge is stabilized by anaerobic digestion. The treatment efficiency of the chamber is in the range of 30 % BOD removal.

Aeration Zone:

Second stage is the aerobic zone along with plastic media installed inside the tank which in turn increases the surface area and retain micro-organism long enough to digest the organic substance remained. Clear water will overflow the next treatment chamber. Air is provided through blowers and more contacting time with the slime on the plastic media, occurred, more efficient the digestion process would be. BOD removal is around 60-65%

Final Sedimentation Zone:

Final stage involves the sedimentation where organic wastes are settled in the Sedimentation zone. The settled waste in the bottom of the tank is pumped back to the primary sedimentation zone as a return sludge having active biomass (MLSS) to increase the efficiency of the system and ensure the effluent quality meets the stipulated standards.

Advantages of Packaged STP Plant

✔ Compact in size

✔ Easy to shift to a new location

✔ Less requirements of maintenance

✔ Minimum civil and space requirement for installation

✔ In compliance with regulatory bodies

✔ Energy efficient

✔ Corrosion resistant

✔ Less operational cost

✔ Minimal land usage

✔ Low operating cost

✔ Minimum power and chemical requirement

✔ Easy to install, relocate and can easily expand

✔ Significant Savings