Sea Water Desalination Plant

Treatment Plant Information
Introduction Desalination uses reverse osmosis technology to remove water molecules from seawater. Water from the ocean is forced through tightly-wrapped, semi-permeable membranes under very high pressure. The membranes allow the smaller water molecules to pass through, leaving salt and other impurities to be discharged from the facility.
Treatment Concept
  • Seawater intake system
  • Pretreatment filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Remineralization
  • Water storage
  • Water outlet
  • Provides people with potable water (clean & fresh drinking water).
  • Water quality is safe (not dangerous or hazardous to any living thing).
  • Uses tried-and-tested technology (the method is proven and effective).
  • Helps preserve current freshwater supplies.
  • Unlimited ocean water as the source.
  • Independent of changing factors.
  • Help with habitat protection.